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Item Description
1.Proctor Silex Hand Mixer with Extra Energy Blast for Extra Power for All 5 Speeds
2.Vintage Soft Side Coke Cooler, In Awesome Condition! 13" Tall x 13 1/2" Wide
3.Violin Case In Excellent Condition, 27" Long
4.Heavy Metal Handled Dagger with a Capital "K" on the Blade, In Excellent Condition and Sharp, 9" Long
5.Metal Animal Trap, In Excellent Condition, 31" Long x 7" Tall
6.Vintage Box Filled with Large Assortment of over 100 Drill Bits, Taps and Tap Handle
7.Spray Doc Sprayer for Lawn, 22" Tall to the Top of the Handle
8.Set of 2 Boyd's Bears - "Marlowe Snoopstein" The Archive Collection Investment Collectibles, Each Bear Is Handmade and No Two are the Same! In Excellent Condition!! One Has Original Tag Attached, 12" Tall
9.Vintage 1990's Boyd's Bears - "Millie Hopkins", Chenille Plush Rabbit, Hare, Bunny, Pink Sweater by Boyd's Bears Wear, White with Jointed limbs, 9" Tall, She has Movable Limbs and She Can be Posed, Wearing a Pink Knitted Dressy Sweater with Satin Flowers and In Excellent Condition. Original Tag Attached
10.2 Vintage Rain Gauges, One Will Hold Up to 5" of Rain and It Does Have a Tiny Piece Missing on the Side But Will Still Hold 5" of Rain, The Small One Holds Up to 1 1/2" of Rain
11.New Old Stock Falcon Protective Rain Gear, New In Original Package, Never Opened, Size XL and is a Complete Suit by Protective Industrial Products Inc.
12.Vintage Black & Decker Drill Bit Selector Case/Bank Filled with Different Size Drill Bits Inside, Turn the Dial on Top and Select a Size
13.Set of 2 Husky 4" Clamps, In Excellent Condition!
14.Set of 2 Husky Clamps, 4" & 6", In Excellent Condition!
15.Set of 2 Husky 4" Clamps, In Excellent Condition!
16.Set of 2 Husky 3" Clamps, In Excellent Condition!
17.3 New Reading Glasses +1.25 Strength by Reader's Choice, All are Metal Frames with Original Tag
18.4 New Reading Glasses +2.25 Strength by Reader's Choice, All are Metal Frames with Original Tag
19.Set of 4 Clamps - One Is 6" Standard Clamp No. 540, Samson's Forge No. 40 Clamp,
20.Vintage Irwin Dove Tailed Wooden Box with Irwin Wood Working Drill Bits by The Irwin Auger Bit Company
21.Vintage Stanley No. 923 - 12" Hand Drill Ratcheting Brace, 2 Jaws Chuck, Steel Construction and Cocobolo Handles
22.Vintage Bag with Handles and Shoulder Strap Filled with Electrician Tools
23.Machete In Green Sheath, 23" Long
24.New Auto Craft 12 In 1 Crank Flashlight and Screw Driver Set, Never Opened
25.Vintage Unique Dream Catcher Necklace, Each Tube Has Clear Stones on Them, I can't Tell if it's Sterling, Heavy! 24" Long
26.14" 350mm Bolt Cutters
27.The Ridge Tool Company - 2 Heavy Duty Straight Pipe Wrenches, 18" & 10"
28.Ridgid Tool Co. - 2 Heavy Duty Straight Pipe Wrenches, Both 14"
29.Fishing Pole with Quantum Reel, 8 Foot Pole
30.Fishing Pole with Bantam Reel Designed for Professionals, 6 Foot Pole
31.Black & Decker Hand Sander, In Working Condition!
32.Set of 2 Hand Grabbers, Great for Picking Things Up, Great Pick Up and Reaching Tool, One is by Gopher
33.Vintage Workshop Bench Vise, In Working Order
34.Group of 3 Fishing Reels - 2 Are Zebco and a Daiwa Reel
35.Group of 3 Fishing Reels - South Bend, Ugly Cast and Smack Reels
36.Vintage Level, All the Crystals are In Excellent Condition and It's 4 Feet Long
37.Set of 2 Hammers - One is a Plumb Fiber Glass Hammer
38.Set of 2 Hammers - One is a Craftsman
39.Camillus Knife and Very Sharp, 10" Long
40.Set of 2 Sharpening Stones
41.Craftsman Drill Bits In Original Craftsman Metal Box, Set of 5 Craftsman Wood Boring Drill Bit Set In Original Case, Smaller Craftsman Case with Bits, Credo X-360 Professional Quality Drill Bits In Original Metal Box & Drill Bit Size Tool
42.Marble Cutting Board with Etain Zinn Pewter Handle 1991 Canada, In Excellent Condition! 12 1/2" Long
43.Set of 2 New Boxes of Latex Gloves, 100 In Each Box, Size Small, Ambidextrous and Powder Free
44.Set of 2 New Boxes of Ultra Sense Blue Nitrile Gloves, 100 In Each Box, Size Small, Ambidextrous and Powder Free
45.Berkley Polarized Lenses High Performance Fishing Glasses, Catch More Fish! In Original Packaging
46.Task Force Tool Box Filled with Misc. Tools
47.Craftsman Ratchet with Many Sockets and Extensions All In a Task Force Tool Box with Handle
48.Ratchet and Sockets and Extensions In a Black Hard Plastic Case, Only One 5mm Socket Missing
49.Vintage Fishing Box Loaded with Fishing Supplies and Zebco Weight Scale
50.Matchbox, Hot Wheels and Misc. Cars Along with a Matchbox Garage In Case
51.Collectible Art of Chokin - Metal Engravings from Japan Created by the Ancient Art of Chokin Gilded with Gold and Silver and the Engravings were Originally Created to Decorate the Armament of the Samurai Warriors, 24K Gold Edged, Made In Japan, 9 1/4" Art Plate & 2 4" Art Plates
52.5 New Reading Glasses +2.75 Strength by Reader's Choice, All are Metal Frames
53.Shred-N-Vac Blower
54.Stanley Tools - Stanley Plane, Stanley Level and also a Square Tool
55.Set of 3 Vintage Amber Glass Shoes, Two Have an Animal Heads on them, No Chips or Cracks, 2 3/4" Tall x 6" Long
56.Lot of Children's Toys - Super Hero's and More!
57.Celebrating 100 Years 1865-1965 Vintage Stetson Hat Box with 3 Hats - Peachbloom Velour Hat Made with Imported Fur, Angel Designs Hat Made In Italy and one other Hat, All In Great Condition!
58.Laundry Room Ceramic Wall Clock, "One Load At A Time" In Working Condition, 8 1/2" Diameter
59.Set of 2 12Qt. Cambro Measuring Buckets with Lids, In Excellent Condition!
60.Pair of Irwin Quick Grip Metal Bar Clamps, New with Tags Attached, 32" Long
61.Truper American Hickory Handled Hatchet
62.Thomas Kinkade Messengers from above Collection "Angel Of Hope" No. 9089C Figurine, 9" Tall
63.Vintage Kryptonic Skate Board, Still has lots of Life Left In It
64.Hunting/Fishing Swivel Seat with Insulated Bucket Under Seat
65.Plano Tackle Box with All Sorts of Fishing Supplies Inside
66.Kobalt Ratcheting PVC Plastic Pipe Conduit Cutting Tool
67.Kobalt Allen Wrench Kit
68.Assorted Lot - Hinges, Clamps, 2 Hole Metal Straps, 3" Mending Plates, DeWalt 3/32 & 5/64 Drill Bits and More!
69.Vintage Baton or Night Stick, Heavy
70.Popular Mechanics Tool Box Full of Tools
71.Tool Box Full of Tools
72.Vintage 10 Pound Sledge Hammer
73.Home & Garden Party 2004 Stoneware, New In Box with Paper, Stoneware Pottery for Generations, 12" Diameter with Ruffled Edge
74.Totes Workshop 3rd Eye, Worn on your Head for Light, In Original Box
75.Lot of 3 Fishing Reels - Durango, Genesis and Zebco Reels
76.Replacement Blades for Weed Eater and Craftsman Professional Line and New Reusable Grommet for Tarps
77.The Ridge Tool Company - 2 Heavy Duty Straight Pipe Wrenches, 10" & 6"
78.Shop Stool/Support Table, 28" Tall
79.Toro Leaf Blower, Works!
80.Set of 2 Pick Axes
81.Wood Splitting Maul
82.Pugs Eye Gear - Maximum UV Protection 400, Spring Templates for your Comfort
83.Tommy Eye Gear - Maximum UV Protection 400, New
84.Vintage Wooden Ammunition Box with Plumber Parts, Copper Tubes Etc..., 16 1/2" x 16" x 8"
85.Vintage Lot of Army Men
86.Large Vintage Cast Iron Cooking Pan 22" x 11" x 4" & Vintage Cast Iron Cauldron Pot with Claw Feet and Handle 8" Tall x 12" Diameter
87.Ghidini Italy - New In Box, Chopper/Dicer with Container and 2 Blades and Grid Cleaner
88.1926 United States Army "The Army Baker" Prepared Under Direction of The Quartermaster General
89.Lot of 2 Transformers
90.Antique 3 Footed Bridal Cake Plateau 18" Diameter x 4" Tall, In Excellent Condition!
91.Antique Royal Crown In Gold Color, 9" Tall x 6 1/4" Diameter
92.Antique 25 Pound Scale, Reads: Patented Oct. 29, 1912, Patented June 17, 1913, Also Reads: Not Legal for Use In Trade, In Working Condition!
93.Antique Lion, Believe to be made of Plaster, Heavy and Would Make an Excellent Door Stop! 15" Long x 9 1/5" Tall x 4" Wide
94.Lovely Bench Hamper/Blanket Storage In Excellent Condition, Beige In Color, 18"Tall x 21" Wide
95.Antique Victorian Bridal Flower Holder, Date on it 1929, In Excellent Condition, Needs Cleaning, 19" Tall
96.Vintage Musical Basket of Roses 10" Tall, In Excellent Working Condition! Also Included Is a Separate Smaller Basket of Roses which is Heavy and also In Excellent Condition! 6" Tall
97.Vintage Oil Painting on Canvas 8" x 10", Cherub Theme on a Vintage Metal Stand 14" Tall, In Excellent Condition
98.Vintage Verichron Westminster Chime Clock, In all Four Corners Is a Cherub, Roman Numerals, In Excellent Working Condition, Beautiful Chimes and In a Solid Wood Case with Brass Handle, The Chime can be Unhooked If Chime Is Not Desired, 13" Tall x 10" Wide x 5" Deep
99.Antique Framed Oil Painting on Canvas, Rose Theme and Signed 22" Tall x 26" Wide
100.Antique Oil Painting on Canvas "Roses", Signed PBR and Dated 1924
101.Painters Tub - Painters Tarps, Brushes, Screen, Stir Sticks, Sanding Block, Rollers and More!
102.Antique Cherub Wall Hanging, Made of Plaster and Heavy, In Excellent Condition, 10" Tall x 29" Wide
103.Group of 5 - 12oz. Plastic Containers of Catfish Bait
104.6 Haynes Ford Manuals - Ford Engine Overhaul Manual, Ford Aerostar Mini Vans, Ford Escort and Mercury Tracer 1991-2000, Ford T-Bird & Mercury Cougar 1989-1996, Mazda 626, MX-6 & Ford Probe 1993-2001, Ford Mustang 1994-1998
105.5 New Reading Glasses +1.75 by Reader's Choice, All with Metal Frames
106.Heavy Duty Yellow Extension Cord 50ft.
107.Heavy Duty Yellow Extension Cord 100ft.
108.Heavy Duty 4 Prong on Both Ends Extension Cord, 600 Volt
109.Heavy Duty Black Extension Cord 50ft.
110.Heavy Duty 50ft. Black Extension Cord, Has an Outlet On One End and 3 Prong Plug-In On the Other End
111.Lot of 19 Vintage 1960's Look and Learn Magazines, the Earliest Is from 1964, In Great Condition Considering One Is 55 Years Old
112.New In Original Box - Wm. A. Rogers Console Candlestick Holders
113.Chilton Book - Dodge Caravan & Voyager 1984 - 1991, 5 Haynes Manuals Covering - Chrysler Full Size (FWD), Chrysler Cirrus/Dodge Stratus/Plymouth Breeze, Chrysler Seabring/Dodge Stratus & Avenger, Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler Rear Wheel Drive, Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler Mini-Vans 1984 - 1995
114.Set of 4 "The Hardy Boys" Books, #'s 4, 5, 10, & 12
115.Vintage Signed Oil Painting on Canvas, Floral Theme, In Excellent Condition! 13 1/4" x 11 1/4"
116.Metal Kitty Cat Theme Alarm Clock In Working Condition! No Door Closure on the back, 7 1/2" Tall x 5" Diameter
117.Sorelle Porcelain Votive/Tealight Candleholder In Original Box with Silk Type Covering Lining the Box, Comes with 5 Tealights, 5 1/2" Tall
118.Metal Water Meter Tool
119.Shafford Japan Porcelain Musical Bird Bath 4" Tall x 4" Diameter Bowl & Ardalt Porcelain Cat 10" Tall, No Chips or Cracks!
120.Pivoting Flood/Spot Light, In Excellent Working Condition!
121.Vintage Major Solid State Record Player, Powers on and Turn Table In Working Condition!
122.Uno-Vac Unbreakable Thermos with Long Handle, In Excellent Condition, Stainless Steel. Union Mfg. Co., 13" Tall x 4" Diameter Body, Meriden Conn. USA
123.Sturdy Wooden Crate with Handle Holes on each Side, 18" x 12 1/2" x 10"
124.2 Pair Pugs Eye Gear - Polarized Heavy Duty 1.1mm Lens, High Contrast Driving Lenses
125.2 Pair Pugs Eye Gear with Metal Frames - Polarized Heavy Duty 1.1mm Lens, High Contrast Driving Lenses
126.8 Collectible Minions, These were McDonald's Happy Meal Toys
127.Bronze Statue of Bear with Young Cubs Waiting for Supper, In Excellent Condition, 8" x 6" x 6"
128.Lenox "Cuddles and Kisses" Kittens In a Basket, In Excellent Condition, 4" Tall x 2 1/2" Diameter
129.Hand Carved Duck Decoy, 12" Long x 5 1/2" Tall
130.Olympus Infinity Super Zoom 330 35mm Camera with Instruction Book In a Blue Camera Bag, In Excellent Condition
131.Duck Tureen with Ladle, Stamped on the Bottom Japan, No Chips or Cracks! 10" Tall x 12" Wide
132.W. Germany Pottery Sugar Dish with Lid, No Chips or Cracks and Has Label On the Bottom In German, 4" Tall x 3 1/2" Wide
133.Pink Depression Glass Divided Dish, No Chips or Cracks! 6 1/2" Diameter
134.Boyt Harness Shell Pouch with Waist Adjustable Strap, Exterior End Accessory Zipper Pocket, Interior Holds 8 Boxes of Shells, In Excellent Condition!
135.Set of 4 Corningware Dishes - 3 Have Lids, In Great Condition!
136.Vintage Compote Polish Pottery Handmade In Poland Pie/Cake Plate, No. 200, No Chips or Cracks, Signed on Bottom, 10" Diameter x 4" Tall
137.Vintage Creamer, Sugar and Tray Set, 120/5 Made In Japan, No Chips or Cracks! Tray Is 6" x 3"
138.Beautiful Vintage Germany Floral Plate with Metal Stand, 10" Diameter No Chips or Cracks! Marked Germany on the Back with Number E87 In Red
139.Kid's Tub Lot of Cars, Nintendo DS with Charger, Hand Held Games, Etc.
140.Lot of Vintage Army Vehicles
141.Vintage Standing Lamp - 2 Switches One is for Center Bulb and the other Switch Is for 3 Candlestick 3-Way Lighting Bulbs, In Excellent Working Condition! Shade has Pleated Corners, 4 Foot 10" Tall
142.Vintage Redline Car Service Areas with 4 Cars and an Army Jeep, Bridges Etc.
143.Samurai Reproduction Sword In Sheath Surrounded by Brass, 18" Long
144.Buck Knife In Sheath, Buck Is Stamped on the Blade as well as on Both Sides of the Handle, 8" Long
145.Harry Potter - "The Tales of Beedle The Bard"
146.Vintage Pirates Head Coin Bank with Plug, 8" Tall
147.Ships Wheel with Brass Cylinder In the Center, Wall Hanger on Back! 18" Diameter
148.Vintage Derringer Cap Gun? It Does Fire and has Brass Finger Trigger, 7" Long
149.Vintage Derringer Style Black Powder Gun? Has Ram Rod Just Under the Barrell, It Does Fire and has a Skull and Cross Bones on the Front Handle, 14" Long
150.First Act MA104 Guitar Amplifier - Output, Volume, Gain and Tone Controls
151.Wii Game - Cabela's Big Game Hunter
152.Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets & The Goblet of Fire
153.Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince & The Deadly Hallows
154.Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix & The Sorcerers Stone
155.Lot of PlayStation 2 Games - One Is Cheat Codes For PlayStation 2
156.Lot of 5 XBOX Games
157.Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II "The Sith Lords", 4 Disc Set
158.Vintage Classic Pirate Boarding Cutlass, Sword has a Full Bowl Hand Guard Adorned with Two Masted Galleon Sailing The High Seas, Stand Up Frame, 10" x 12"
159.M & M Dispenser New In Box! 10" Long x 6 1/2" Wide
160.Oil Painting on Canvas, Pirate Ship Theme, Signed and Comes with Certificate of Appraisal, Oil Certified #201152, 13 1/4" x 11 1/2", Actual Painting Is 8" x 10"
161.Set of 3 Vintage DIXIE Goblets, No Chips or Cracks! 6 1/4" Tall x 4" Diameter
162.Bachmann HO Seaboard Coastline Caboose & AHM HO Freight Car In Original Boxes
163.Tyco HO Sara Lee Freight Car
164.2 HO Trains - AHM HO Burlington Freight Car & a AHM HO Red Caboose with Blue Train Tub and a Few Part Accessories on the Top
165.Tyco HO Swift Refrigerator Line Freight Car
166.AHM HO Republic Freight Car & an HO Coal Union Pacific Freight Car with Train Tub and a Few Train Parts In the Top
167.Tyco Freight Unloading Depot with Warning Signs, Poles etc.
168.Set of 3 Asian Graduated Bowls, No Chips or Cracks! Gorgeous Scenery, Largest Bowl Is 9" Diameter
169.Vintage Lidded Bowl, McCoy? No Markings 6 1/2" Tall x 8" Diameter
170.Antique Unique 1847 High Relief Very Heavy Cast Metal of a Gunsmith, Framed, Under the Casting there is a Name Plate, Hard to Read, I took a Piece of Paper and a Pencil and went over the name and Date, 1847 Date Comes Out Clear, The First Two Letters of the Name Appear to Be AN.. 21" Tall x 15 1/4"
171.Vintage Buffalo Bill Monument Plate, Erected at Cody, Wyo. In Memory of the Great Scout Plainsman Col. William F. Cody (Buffalo Bill) 10" Diameter
172.Vintage Wittnauer Humi-Therm Gauge, 7 1/2" x 4"
173.Advertising Ancient Age Bourbon Whiskey Woven Basket Cooler with Handle, Cooler Has its Own Lid also, 16" Tall x 12" Diameter
174.Vintage Roy Dee Chris Mouse Coin Bank Dated 1970, Marked On the Back of the Neck and Foot, 10" Tall x 8" From Ear to Ear
175.Virtual Reality Headset Hype I-FX, In Original Box, New Not Used
176.Vintage Porcelain Mini Tea Set In Original Box
177.Vintage Hammered Stainless Chrome Cocktail Mixer/Pitcher with Dark Red Bakelite Handle 13" Tall, Spout to Handle Is 8"
178.New Old Stock Falcon Protective Rain Gear, New In Original Package, Never Opened, Size XL and is a Complete Suit by Protective Industrial Products Inc.
179.Set of 2 Long Metal Clamps
180.Vintage Floor Standing Planter, Cherub Theme 20 1/2" Tall x 8" Diameter Base
181.Black & Decker Toaster & Oven Broiler
182.Sony PlayStation 2 Video Game Console with Cables and One Controller, Works!
183.Box Lot of 45 RPM Records In Box, Mix of Artist and Mainly Rhythm and Blues
184.American Flag 58" x 33" NEW Condition!
185.Rebel Flag Clock on Wood, In Excellent Working Condition! 19" Wide x 16" Tall
186.Walking Cane - 3 Skull Heads for a Handle and Skull Theme at the Bottom, Metal Cane, In Excellent Condition! Very Sturdy, 37" Tall
187.Enesco - Laura's Attic "Where Shall We Go?" Figurine, Enesco Laura's Attic Rocking Horse Figurine, Edition 3705/10,000 Item #432334, Still In Original Box! Retail $185.95
188.2 Oil Lanterns - The Largest Has a New Wick
189.Samari Style Reproduction Sword
190.Samari Style Reproduction Sword
191.Arabian Style Reproduction Sword
192.4 Pirate Theme Statue, Ships Wheel and More! 18" Diameter
193.Vintage Lot of Cabbage Patch Porcelain Figures & Vintage Cabbage Patch Working Piano with Music, No Chips or Cracks In the Porcelain
194.Lot of 3 Vintage Wheaton Bottles - 2 Deep Red Bottles with One that Reads: 1891 Tuckahoe Country School and on the opposite Side it has Outlined 2 Windows and a Door, The Other Deep Red Wheaton Bottle Reads: Ole Dock's Cure, Vintage Blue Corked Wheaton Bottle, No Chips or Cracks! Tallest Is 5 1/2" Tall
195.Pair of Surge Flippers Size 5-6
196.Baseball Bats, Gloves and a Football, Yayyyy!
197.Elmo's World 3 Disc. Set - Food, Water and Exercise & Families, Mail and Bath Time & Reach for the Sky & Dora The Explorer Book
198.3 Rings - 2 Are German Silver Rings One Being Citrine Size 6 the Other is Amethyst Size 6, Another Silver Color Ring with Clear Stones and No Marking that I can see
199.Vintage Sharpening Stone In A Vintage Wooden Box, 7" x 2 3/4"
200.Vintage Sharpening Stone On Vintage Wood, 7" Long
201.Vintage Sharpening Stone On Vintage Wood, 6" Long
202.3 Ginsu Knives, Longest Is 12"
203.5 Stainless Steel Japan Knives, 7 1/2" Long
204.Rogers Fine Stainless Steel Swords Knives, Longest Is 13" Long
205.Kershaw Speedsafe USA Pocket Knife with Clip, Opened 8" Long
206.2 NEW Irwin 7 1/4" Skilsaw Blades
207.Cabinet of Many Drawers with Wire Nuts, Screws, Nuts, Nails, Wall Anchors Etc.
208.Work Bench 40" x 25" x 33" Tall & 2 Vintage Stools with One Stool Having a Shelf, Stools Measure 22" Wide x 17" Tall x 12 1/2" Deep
209.Canning Boiling Pot, Vintage Strainer, 3 Cheese Cloths and a Wooden Pestle Masher
210.Set of 2 Green Lanterns with 1/4 Bottle of Kerosene, Excellent Wicks! 7 1/2" Tall
211.Set of 2 Blue Lanterns with 1/4 Bottle of Citronella Lamp Oil, 7 1/2" Tall
212.Set of 2 Rust Color Lanterns with 1/4 Bottle of Citronella Lamp Oil, 7 1/2" Tall
213.Terra Cotta Chiminea on 4 Legs, Huge Belly, No Chips or Cracks! 30" Tall
214.Glass Galileo Thermometer, with Different Sphere Bubbles Inside, 13" Tall
215.Vintage Old Timer Pocket Knife
216.2 Crystal Tiered Star Shaped Candle Holders, for Tealight on One Side, Tapered Candle on the other Side with 2 Glass Tapered Candle Holders, No Chips or Cracks!
217.Helping Hand with Magnifier, Still In Original Package
218.Folk Art One Stroke Learn To Paint Kit Never Opened, Still In Original Plastic Cover
219.Tin Full of Dominos
220.High Intensity Emergency Light with Safety Wand, Still In Original Packaging
221.Bass Pro Shops Extreme Boat Bag, Very Large
222.Message In A Bottle, Bottle Is Corked and a Quill Is Also Inside The Bottle, Skull & Bones Picture on the Paper Inside the Bottle, 13" Tall x 3" Diameter Bottle
223.4 New Reading Glasses +1.50 Strength by Reader's Choice, All are Metal Frames with Original Tag
224.Craftsman Radial Arm Saw, In Excellent Working Condition!
225.Craftsman 16" Scroll Saw with Direct Drive and Cast Iron Base, In Working Condition


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