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Category: COLLECTABLES (10 records) SOLD!! MEMORY LANE ESTATE AUCTION!! - AUCTION CLOSES MONDAY 11/05/2018 - Items Start Closing at 11AM!!

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2487 2487t.jpgVintage, 1998 Zippo lighter with the Dallas Cowboys logo, This lighter is still in the original tin collectors box. The Lighter Showing is Vikings, the Lighter is Actually Dallas Cowboys Lighter! 3 4371 5.01   ended
2498 2498t.jpgVintage porcelain Avon egg shaped covered dish, Various size butterflies cover the top and it is detailed in 22K gold and on the bottom is printed" Produced exclusively for Avon, Fine porcelain decorated with 22k trim, 1974-R and has been kept in a glass display, no cracks or chips 2 4941 2.00   ended
2503 2503t.jpg4 vintage spools, and 3 vintage industrial bobbins 1 4554 1.00   ended
2508 2508t.jpg2 vintage toys, a saw dust doll with a plastic face, her body and bonnet are in a blue fabric, and a small metal music maker 3 2333 3.00   ended
2525 2525t.jpgVintage gold colored salt bowl, an Avon salt shaker made of china and trimmed in 24K gold, and 2 vintage glass salt bowls       ended
2547 2547t.jpg6 vintage bottles, 2 vintage Pepsi bottles, 1 Ball jar, and 2 medicine bottles 1 4593 1.00   ended
2557 2557t.jpg2 vintage meatal sculptures that play music as they move, One is a sail boat that plays " Red sails in the sunset" as the boat rocks The other is a penny-farthing bicycle that plays take me home country roads 6 4941 8.01   ended
2589 2589t.jpgVintage glass baby bottle - 4oz size 1 4593 1.00   ended
2619 2619t.jpgVintage, 1998 Zippo lighter with the Vikings logo, This lighter is still in the original tin collectors box 3 3540 4.00   ended
2642 2642t.jpgVintage perculator coffee pot with an extra cord, and a glass measuring cup, We encourage viewing electronic items for working condition 3 3540 3.00   ended

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